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About G-SPOT Bongs

Founded in 2000 we started to create and design a complete new line of bongs. All the designs are risen from our own heads and we started to sell the glassbongs under our brand G-SPOT® scheduled for the highest point in glassblowing. Made from smokers for smokers…

Since the beginning the quality was our main priority. Already 2005 we developed the Panzerschliff®. Since this time the glass on glass fitting was the weak point of glassbongs. 90% of all incoming repairs were bongs with broken fittings. The Panzerschliff® is built that thick that makes this glass on glass fitting nearly unbreakable. The Panzerschliff® is the solidest glass on glass fitting at the market, the G-SPOT…

Why you should own a bong from G-SPOT

All G-SPOT® bongs and glass shishas are made from the best temperature resistant borosilicate glass 3.3 ISO3585 by experienced glass artists. Each piece is quality proofed and tempered tension free before leaving our factory.

By now we created 16 different models of glassbongs. All this type of bongs are available in different measurements like height, wallthickness and tube diameter. Also you can have all the bong models with icenotches to fill icecubes in the bong for your cooler smoke. Of course you will find all the accessories like precooler, diffusor downstems, different bowls in premium quality, or our stylish bong bags for the safety transport.

Here you find all about dabbing

Always we develop new products like for the new trends as dabbing and BHO / DME extractions. So you find all the dabbing stuff like nails made from quartzglass, ceramic or titanium grade 2 or our oil rigs and nectar collectors made for smoking / inhale concentrates like oil, wax or shatter.

BHO or DME Extractions trust our quality!

Extract concentrates like oil, wax or shatter with butane gas extractions (BHO) or Dimethyl Ether extractions (DME) became more and more popular. You find a huge range with different extractors made from borosilicate glass or stainless steel or a combination of this two materials. Also you can get our AEROS DME pure Dimethylether gas (purity 99,99%) or the Tycoon butane gas.

Our range of goods is growing ever so you find our newest products like thermal quartz banger for vaporize oil and concentrates or the new Litsticks®. The Litstick is a 2 in 1 glass blunt which you can use direct as a glassjoint or put it in the bong instead of a bowl, it fits to joint size NS 14.5 and NS18.8!

Because of the high demand of vaporizers we decided to offer a range of premium vaporizers from notable manufactors like Storz and Bickel, Pax, Da Vinci, Flowermate, Focusvape, X-Max and Weecke. And once is promissed, even in the future we will be creative and innovative for you. Please don‘t hasitate to let us know your wishes and incitations we are thankful for your feedback.

Your G-SPOT® Team